That tuna—at a jaw-dropping $3,603 per pound, or roughly $178 per piece of sushi—stands as the most expensive fish ever sold.

Max weight: 400 pounds.

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How much is a 700 lb bluefin tuna worth? Teen girl and.

. . May 25, 2023 · Ex- vessel price per pound was lower for the September time period, with an average (2018 through 2022) of $6.

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from 2011 to 2019 (in U. S. The fish usually sells for up to $40 per pound, though the price can fluctuate to more than $200 per pound The gigantic tuna will translate to more than 12,000 pieces of sushi for the company’s Sushi Zanmai chain.

. Pauline Fay Enriquez · May 11, 2023.

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May 9, 2023 · Locally, fresh, top quality bluefin can cost anywhere from $20 to $40 per pound at fine fish markets. Bluefin Tuna Price Per Pound 2022.

By kevin September 24, 2022. .

28 per kilogram or between US$ 2.
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Types of Tuna: Max Weight: Used For: Max Price: Bluefin: 1,472lbs: Sushi: $5,000 per.

50, only a slight increase from last year’s price of $5.

The same quality cuts will cost about $200 apound in Japan. . .

Bigeye tuna grows up to 400 pounds in size in the wild (the largest ever caught weighed 392 pounds) and can be found swimming in nearly any open temperate or tropical oceans in the world. That’s a lot, even for a fish that can weight more than 1,000 pounds. Bluefin tuna are considered to be a delicacy, and they are often used in sushi. Jun 13, 2021 · Brad Krakowski reeled in a bluefin that weighed a staggering 920 pounds. While the price of bluefin tuna depends on the type and location, a recent auction in Japan has brought its per kg price up to USD 1,300.

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On 5 January 2023, a 212-kilogram Bluefin tuna was rolled out at the New Year’s auction in Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market for USD 273,000, as per The Japan Times. While Paul Hebert of Wicked Tuna may not.


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